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Pricci first opened its doors in 1997, conceptualized and founded by Priscila Szafir. From the beginning, the brand had the objective to break the stigma of jewellery having to be extra expensive.


Pricci started as a small shop in Ipanema, one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Not long after, due to the high acceptance rate, the boutique expanded to a bigger shop in the same neighbourhood. Besides jewellery, for many years, Pricci was a selling point for watches from internationally acclaimed Maisons: Cartier, Jaeger Le Coultre and Chopard. 


After Pricci became a leader in the Brazilian jewellery market, Priscila Szafir joined Gracia Ezra and together they opened Pricci's first European store in the charming city of Cascais, Portugal.

Pricci was greatly accepted by the Portuguese market, and decided to expand into a second shop in Avenida da Liberdade, a highly regarded boulevard in Lisbon. The store, which inaugurated on December 2020, marked the inauguration of the HOME line concept.


Pricci desires to continue expanding globally, offering more exclusive products and guaranteeing the best service for its clientelle. 


Pricci has always focused on offering jewellery that was accessible to a diverse clientele with superbly high-end products that would offer a perfect price-quality ratio. That, among other factors, has made Pricci stand out and grow in the jewellery market.