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Jewellery Care Guide

The name speaks for itself: jewel. If you have a jewel, take care of it properly.
Did you know that even a diamond can break if it hits too hard and or at a specific angle?
Our Recommendations
  • Avoid contact between one jewel and another, store each separately.

  • Regularly examine your jewellery to check that the clasps are in perfect condition.

  • Jewellery with stones set in claw (prong settings) are extremely vulnerable; if you hit the claw, it can open and there is a risk of losing the stone.

  • Avoid big changes in temperature and contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and chemicals in general when wearing jewellery and especially if they are coral, turquoise and pearls.

  • Do not expose your leather jewellery to water.

  • In general, for a light cleaning, you can use a mild soap solution with warm water, and then dry with a soft towel / flannel.

  • Whenever you need a deeper cleaning please contact us for guidance and details.



With the right care, your jewellery will be eternal!

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